Red Platter is a semi-fine dining restaurant in Naga City. It is another venture by home-grown Graceland Food Industries, Incorporated (GFI, Inc).

Red Platter first opened its doors in downtown Naga in 2004 to cater to the Nagueños’ rising clamor for gourmet dishes. At that time, steaks, chops and ribs were becoming popular, and large numbers of people were no longer satisfied with the typical coffee. In other words, Naga City locals had begun to acquire a taste for specialty dishes as well as specialty coffee.

Even so, most of the restaurants that offered this type of menu were on Magsaysay Avenue (one of the Naga City neighborhoods). GFI, Inc. decided it would be a great idea to bring this specialty dining concept to Naga’s Central Business District (a.k.a. Centro or Naga City downtown). After all, “If Mohammad cannot go to the mountain, then let’s bring the mountain to Mohammad”. Thus, Red Platter Centro came to be.

As time went by, however, Magsaysay Avenue rapidly became “the” happening place for Naga City’s night life and fine dining. Construction boomed in the district and more and more establishments meant to accommodate the preferences of the modern diners were built on Magsaysay Avenue. Soon, it became the gathering place for the Naga’s coffee drinkers, business-minded people, luxury seekers, and nightlife lovers.

Since its demographic can now be found in Magsaysay, Red Platter decided to join the general exodus of lifestyle businesses to Magsaysay Avenue, transferring to its current location in August 2008. Now it is both bigger and better, a wonderful place built to give its patrons the most convenient location, a homey ambiance and its usual delectable menu offerings.