Rice Plates

Salisbury Steak


Enjoy the beefy goodness of 100% beef patty served with mushroom sauce, vegetable sidings and rice in a sizzling plate. Kids will surely love this!

Tanguigue Steak


2Grilled Tanguigue topped with special gravy especially made for the 100% fish-lover Pinoy. Served on a sizzling plate with saffron rice and buttered vegetables.

Inihaw na Spareribs


Red Platter Inihaw na Spareribs

This mouth-watering, char-grilled tender pork spareribs with vegetables and saffron rice makes a memorable dining experience.

Hickory Ribs


Juicy pork ribs marinated in barbecue hickory sauce with saffron rice, crispy fries and buttered vegetables.

Sizzling Crispy Chicken


Add a sizzling excitement to your usual crispy chicken and you will truly sizzle with crispy delight.