Chef Recommends

Baby Back Ribs

495 / P 903 (Family Size) / P 1,806 (Party Size)

Bite into delicious, tender ribs rubbed with spices & finished on the grill with sweetened, tangy barbecue sauce.

Beef Kare-kare

485 / P 1,019 (Family Size) / 2,037 (Party Size)

Feeling fiesta? All the kare-kare goodness you’ve always loved in rich and thick, special, homemade peanut sauce. Something to come back for again and again.

Crispy Beef Riblets

705 / P 1,481 (Family Size) / P 2,961 (Party Size)

Beef ribs cut into pieces then fried to perfection into crispy beef…riblets.

Crispy Fish Fillet

265 / P 557 (Family Size) / P 1,113 (Party Size)

Fish is not only for Lent. With this crispy delight, you can close your eyes and thank heavens for fish fillet everyday.

Seafood Pinakbet

285 / P 599 (Family Size) / P 1,197 (Party Size)

A classic Filipino vegetable dish mixed with the flavorful tastes of shrimps, squids and mussels.

Bicol Laing Special

225 / P 709 (Family Size) / P 1,181 (Party Size)

A sought-after Bicolano dish uniquely paired with the best seller liempo. Another “must try” for Bicol visitors.

Beef Broccoli

350 / P 735 (Family Size) / P 1,470 (Party Size)

Delight in Asian flavors of saucy beef with crisp-tender broccoli and garlic topping.

Sizzling Gambas

350 / P 1,103 (Family Size) / P 1,838 (Party Size)

Red Platter Sizzling Gambas

Craving for something saucy, sweet and a little spicy? Try this sizzling, marinated shrimps… a perfect appetizer or meal.

Sizzling Seafood Combo

365 / P 767 (Family Size) / P 1,533 (Party Size)

Red Platter Sizzling Seafood Combo

Assorted fresh seafood swimming not in the ocean but in a delectable, flavorful sauce.