Baby Back Ribs

790 / P 1,580 (Family Size) / P 3,160 (Party Size)

Bite into delicious, tender ribs rubbed with spices & finished on the grill with sweetened, tangy barbecue sauce.

Sizzling Tenderloin Tips

275 / P 825 (Family Size) / P 1,375 (Party Size)

Red Platter Sizzling Tenderloin Tips

It’s 100% tenderloin with mixed vegetables in gravy sauce served deliciously on a sizzling plate.

Sizzling Pork Sisig

305 / P 915 (Family Size) / P 1,525 (Party Size)

Red Platter Sizzling Pork Sisig

Finely chopped soft pork cartilages with savory spices and chicharon flakes, served with egg on a sizzling plate.

Crispy Pata

725 / P 1,450 (Family Size) / P 2,175 (Party Size)

Red Platter Crispy Pata

Who can resist the superbly delicious, flavored pork leg cooked to crispy perfection? Go on and dip it in tangy soy sauce and let your taste buds indulge.