Bicol’s Best Platter

275 / P 550 (Family Size) / P 1,100 (Party Size)

Red Platter Bicol's Best Platter

A soulful combination of Bicol’s two famous dishes -Pinangat and Bicol Express.

Bicol Laing Special

225 / P 675 (Family Size) / P 1,125 (Party Size)

A sought-after Bicolano dish uniquely paired with the best seller liempo. Another “must try” for Bicol visitors.

Stir-fried Veggies

295 / P 590 (Family Size) / P 1,180 (Party Size)

Red Platter Stir-fried Veggies

A variety of vegetables – cabbage, sweet peas, carrots, bell peppers, onions – stir-fried and tossed in sauce and chicken strips. Indeed one healthy dish for you to enjoy.

Seafood Pinakbet

295 / P 590 (Family Size) / P 1,180 (Party Size)

A classic Filipino vegetable dish mixed with the flavorful tastes of shrimps, squids and mussels.

Beef Broccoli

360 / P 720 (Family Size) / P 1,440 (Party Size)

Delight in Asian flavors of saucy beef with crisp-tender broccoli and garlic topping.