Refrigerated Cakes

Blueberry Cheesecake

150 / P 1,200

Red Platter Blueberry Cheesecake

A delightful dessert of whipped cream cheese on a buttery crust topped with blueberries.

Belgian Chocolate Cake

135 / P 1,300

Red Platter Belgian Chocolate Cake

Layers of chocolate cake with yema butter cream filling, frosted with whipping cream and sprinkled with dark chocolate slices.

White Chocolate Concorde

108/ P 1,100

This new favorite is a combination of two simple elements – meringue and chocolate which together create a delightfully decadent desserts.

Ube Mousse

99 / P 875

Red Platter Ube Mousse

Layers of ube chiffon cake topped with ube mousse that has the goodness of real ube halaya and whipped cream. So ubelicious!